Bimbambu | Picture Book for Children Ages 3-8


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The source of this story is my beloved father, Roman Lubetzky, who conceived of this story that he used to tell his children.  The story became significant for me after my dad’s passing. When I sat down to write his Eulogy this story emerged out of me. I realized the important legacy of my father through this story because I realized that he lived like the character that he created. My father was a Holocaust survivor. You would never know it if you met him because he was the happiest man I ever knew. He was never bitter. He always told jokes. His laughter was contagious and people naturally orbited towards him at social gatherings. They knew my dad would always listen, would always give good advice.

He always looked for the good in people. He never taught us hatred. The only think that emanated out of him was love. He was giving and unconditionally loving. His goodness and generosity permeated our life, and the life of all that he encountered.

When he passed on, people at his funeral kept on coming and sharing with us brief narratives of how they were helped by my father. One man told me that my father helped him monetarily when he almost lost his house, another shared with me that my father helped him get a job that he had no chance of getting on his own, an uncle told us how my father gave him a magazine and asked him to read an article on a certain page, and when he went to open the page he found an envelope with money in it. My uncle was too proud to ask for a loan, and my father knew it. He knew he needed a hand, and so he elegantly placed the cash and told my uncle: “Read the article, and don’t worry about returning this to me (he was alluding to the money, but referring to it as if it was the magazine, in order not to embarrass my uncle) I know you will return it when you can.”
We found out from another relative that it was my father who helped him break the news to his wife about having an illegitimate child. The stories abounded. We never knew all of this. He was not arrogant or self-praising about his many acts of kindness. He was discreet. He honored other people.  He gave from the heart and not only when it came to money, but also support and love. He was a man for whom giving was natural. Bimbambu, I realized, was my father. I don’t think he was aware of it himself, but I realized this as an epiphany after he died.

Bimbambu is a bird that gives freely and lovingly. He gives because it is his nature to give in this way. He never thinks of the rewards he will reap, and in a surprising turn of events, he gets paid back in a grand way.

I believe this story teaches kids that much can be attained through goodness and selflessness, and I believe this to be a crucial lesson in a world where children are growing up feeling so entitled, and where our society so much focuses on personal success, self esteem and overachievements that we sometimes forget our fellow human beings.

I hope that you will enjoy this story that was planted in my heart as a little child by someone whose heart was pure as a child’s, and I hope that your kids will derive pleasure and valuable lessons from it and perhaps, one day, share it with their  own kids.