About us


Soul Prints Press  is a publishing company that aims to entertain kids while teaching them at the same time.

sole-prints-press-logoWe are interested in books that aim to gently guide kids to have  a moral compass, to act for the best and highest good of all and to better humankind. The focus is books that direct kids to act in a way that is considerate of others, and that show that other people matter. Kids are constant teachers, and adults often forget things that children still remember; therefore, it is wonderful to have an opportunity to be reminded of the multiple lessons that children can teach us with their innocence, honesty and pure hearts. Kids have not yet been conditioned by society to be a certain way. They are naturally curious, spontaneous and optimistic. Children naturally see the good in others and see everything with a fresh perspective. The stories published by this new company will aim to remind adults of all these qualities that are so natural in children, and to see things from the perspective of a child.

About the Author

Ileana Lubetzky Katzenelson

was born in Mexico City.  She studied Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Her books and short stories are a reflection of her journey through different cultures and countries.  She lives in San Diego, California with her husband and three children.



Ceramics Artist

Sean Brown, Ceramics Artist

About the artist

Sean Brown

crafted the ceramic creations that are the characters in this book.  He follows the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, all of whom are artists who taught him the craft. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife.


Yael Sela
Yael Sela, Graphic Designer


About the Graphic Designer

Yael Sela

was born and raised in Israel. She is a multidisciplinary artist: photographer, painter and ceramicist. She has worked in the preschool environment for several years. She is currently pursuing a PhD as an Evolutionary Psychologist.