Bimbambu continued walking until he saw his friend Owl napping on the top of a branch.He tiptoed by him so as not to wake him, but Owl was a light sleeper and woke-up anyway.“Bimbambu, how are you? I’ve been meaning to find you,” said Owl.
“Really, how come?” asked Bimbambu.
“Well, I heard that you’ve been giving away your feathers to help others make       
themselves a piece of clothing now that Winter is quickly approaching.”

“Yes, it’s true,” said  Bimbambu. “Well, I would love some, too”, said Owl.“I would like to make myself a vest to keep my tummy warm.”

 “Of course,” was Bimbambu’s reply.


“You can have all my blue feathers.”

Owl thanked him with sleepy eyes and went back to sleep.

Bimbambu continued on his way. The cold wind became even colder, and Bimbambu had no more feathers to protect him against the cold. Filled with fear, he started to wonder if he would be able to find shelter from the storm. Bimbambu kept on walking without complaining. Part of him felt happy inside because he knew he had helped his friends stay warm, yet another part was scared that he would freeze in the snow. Bimbambu started shivering as snow flakes began to fall on his bare body.

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