The Real Reason We Read To Our Kids At Night

Michael Senoff Interviews an Expert Storyteller Ileana Katzenelson On The Power Of A Children’s Book


When we cuddle in bed and read to our kids, it’s not just the story that gets passed down. It’s the love and memories we create. And the books we choose are an important part of that. They not only take us places we never thought we could go, but they also remind us of our past while guiding us into our future, connecting generations all along the way.In this interview, children’s author Ileana Katzenelson gives us five quick examples of the life lessons we probably didn’t even know we’d taken from the stories all around us. Some of the most powerful of these lessons, she says, we get from our own children when they look at life with fresh eyes and remind us of the things that, as adults, we may have forgotten.But Ileana says the essence of her best story, Bimbambu (due out this October), is the essence of her father, a Holocaust survivor who never saw the world with anything but love. Bimbambu is his story, about giving for the sake of giving. After he passed away in 2003, Ileana set out to give his message to the world.

You’ll Also Hear…

* The lengths Ileana went through to get her father’s story “just right” before publication (and why that was so important to the process) — from having the characters made from pottery to having it translated into three different languages * The amazing true story of how Ileana’s father’s family escaped the Gestapo in WWII– using nothing but kindness
* How to use words to create accurate and engaging pictures for your children of the relatives they may never have had the privilege to meet in person – preserving memories and passing them down all with language
* Why we love hardcopy books so much, and why Ileana doesn’t even own an e-book reader* The humbling lesson Ileana and her husband learned from their young daughter when they set out to teach her about gratitude at a local homeless shelter.We all want a better world for our kids, a place where they can grow up happy and healthy while learning dignity, respect, and kindness. It all starts with a cuddle and a story. And in this interview, you’ll hear all about that powerful gift.

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